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Steven Spielberg orders fast food chain not to sell ‘SpielBurgers’

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Steven Spielberg has ordered a fast food chain not to rename one of its offerings as “SpielBurgers”.

US restaurant group Carl’s Jr jumped on the bandwagon of the director’s latest film, Ready Player One, by renaming one of its burgers after him.

“@StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it,” it tweeted, complete with a video promoting the burger.

BIG NEWS GUYS!! As a tribute to the legendary director of #ReadyPlayerOne, we’re going to change the name of our Charbroiled Sliders to #SpielBurgers. @StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it. pic.twitter.com/botJPM0Hjn

— Carl's Jr. (@CarlsJr) March 26, 2018

But Spielberg, 71, rejected this on Tuesday and decidedly was not “down with it”.

“They’re pretty good but I’m passing. Cease and desist, you can’t do it. Sorry guys,” Spielberg said in a video tweeted by his production company, Amblin Entertainment.


— Amblin Entertainment (@AmblinEnt) March 27, 2018

It appears the budget chain tried to deliver a batch of burgers to Spielberg and attempted to leave a note on his car, but got the wrong vehicle.

.@CarlsJr You left the note on the wrong car, but one of our creative execs brought it to us. Glad you’re pumped for #ReadyPlayerOne! https://t.co/88vDvJszhU

— Amblin Entertainment (@AmblinEnt) March 27, 2018

But there is no doubt the company will heed Spielberg’s demand.

“SpielBurgers are not a menu item at Carl’s Jr locations,” a spokesman for the firm told The Hollywood Reporter.

“This was a social stunt from the brand to try and get the attention of Spielberg and his team to celebrate the launch of Ready Player One.”

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